The Flag „In 2000 I took a series of pictures showing buildings under construction. These buildings all had one characteristic in common: a red flag flying on top of them. Right from the beginning I was intrigued by the symbolic power of this flag. No doubt there was a whole universe of meaning arising from this plain setting of flag, color, and place: an entire history, religion, and mysticism condensed into social rites that bridged both time and context. I began asking questions and was finally told a tale about a fortress under siege by a hostile army. A tale in which, as a last desperate gesture, its citizens flew a red flag upon which the invading army suddenly withdrew. When I began to inquire further about the reason for this turn of events, I found no one who could verify the tale or who had even heard of it. I kept the Polaroids in a drawer for years. Meanwhile their colors have changed - slightly.” J.L.